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Halifax Paralympic star Hannah Cockroft speaks about disability becoming a 'taboo'  Yorkshire Post

She broke through the perceived limitations of disability as a young woman determined to become a sports star. Affectionately known as Hurricane Hannah, she ...

Disability ID cards available across New York state  WRGB

ALBANY, N. Y. (WRGB) - Disability ID cards are available now across New York state. The cards read, "I have a developmental disability. I may have difficulty ...

Broadcaster doesn’t let his disability get in the way of his passion  The Globe and Mail

Born with a condition that severely limits his movement, Travis May understands sports perfectly, despite not being able to play them.

How to be a better friend to a person with a disability  NewzHook

Man is a social animal and craves companionship, love and support from fellow beings. This makes the role of friends critical in our lives. However, some people ...

University launches disability access audit  The Tribune

Tribune News *Service*. Chandigarh, February 22. Adhering to the Chandigarh Administration's decision of making UT the first disabled-friendly city, NSS ...


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