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Change to census question on religion  Irish Times

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Survivors of religious massacres speak out against bigotry  Salt Lake Tribune

Survivors of massacres at a synagogue, a mosque and churches, speaking at a State Department conference on religious freedom Tuesday, urged the rejection ...

McDonald’s Franchise Sued For Religious Discrimination of Job Applicant  The National Law Review

Chalfont Associates Group owner of multiple McDonald's restaurants in Central Florida violated federal law when it refused to hire a job applicant who would not ...

Israel has almost as many religious restrictions as Iran, report says  JTA News

(JTA) — When it comes to restrictions on religious freedom, Israel is in the company of countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran, a new report says. The report ...

Religious leaders speak out against ICE raids  Albany Times Union

Recent reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would begin raids targeting undocumented immigrants has prompted numerous religious ...


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