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They have good warranties in case stuff needs to be repaired or replaced. I bring the essentials with me when I'm packing for a trip, and packing for a vacation is no different. Workout clothes are a must! A couple of cute bikinis and a sarong are also ...


Why Does Masculinity Have a Dress Code?
Years later, Kanye West had Givenchy design him a leather kilt. You might have a short memory because you're wearing Yeezys and have them in every color but people hated on him relentlessly and called it a skirt. Now, anything Kanye wears sells out ...

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alexialex/ShutterstockThe basic indication that clothing is "dry clean only" can be found right on the label. The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that every item of clothing sold in the United States include a "care label ...

The Independent

Theresa May's campaign is a modern interpretation of the Emperor's New Clothes
The Independent
You don't need to be a genius to realise image matters in politics, and you don't need to be a genius to realise that if you take a dour, home counties vicar's daughter out of her £1,000 chocolate leather trousers, you are left with a dour home ...

Hollywood Life

Melania Trump Wears Skin-Tight Orange Leather Skirt As She Leaves For Foreign Tour
Hollywood Life
The couple then move on to the Vatican where they will be greeted by Pope Francis, 80, so we're guessing Melania will dress a little bit more conservatively for that big occasion. The first lady will be able to show off more incredible looks as the ...

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