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Did You Manage To Avoid UFO Moviez India’s (NSE:UFO) Painful 67% Share Price Drop?  Simply Wall St

If you are building a properly diversified stock portfolio, the chances are some of your picks will perform badly. But...

Most Interesting ETF Launches This Year  Yahoo Finance's Sumit Roy discusses which of the 100+ new funds of 2019 look the most interesting to him.

UFO Expert Says Raid on Area 51 Getting ‘Out of Hand’ and ‘Recipe for Disaster’  The Epoch Times

A UFO expert said the plan to storm Area 51 has gotten “somewhat out of hand” and is a “recipe for disaster.” Nick Pope told Fox he doubts whether the people ...

  1. The Military Has a Warning for Anyone Interested In Raiding Area 51 In An Attempt To Free Aliens  TIME
  2. Storm Area 51: US Air Force warns over Facebook event  BBC News
  3. Storm Area 51? It’s a Joke, but the Air Force Is Concerned  The New York Times
  4. 'Storm Area 51' social media movement is 'getting somewhat out of hand,' says UFO expert  Fox News
  5. UFO hunters who storm Area 51 'to find them aliens' could be shot by the US Airforce
  6. View full coverage on Google News
A Cursory Explainer of This Summer’s Verified UFO News, Somehow a Real Phenomenon  Autostraddle

As I watched "Area 51" become a trending topic and meme format over the weekend, I found myself wishing for some sort of brief explainer on the UFO-related.


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