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The complex fate of Antarctic species in the face of a changing climate  Science Daily

Researchers have presented support for the theory that marine invertebrates with larger body size are generally more sensitive to reductions in oxygen than ...

Baby Pterosaurs Could Fly. So, Did They Need Their Parents?  Live Science

Baby pterosaurs — flying reptiles that lived alongside dinosaurs — were probably able to spread their leathery wings and fly shortly after emerging from their ...

Senior faculty positions will cross divisions, focus on Latinx, Asian American, Muslim fields  Harvard Gazette

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) will hire a cluster of faculty in the area of ethnicity, indigeneity, and migration during the upcoming academic year, Dean ...

Change is good (sometimes)

Elaine Burke reflects on what it means to tell the story of science, technology and society – a story of unending change.

Five Trustees appointed to the British Library Board  GOV.UK

The Secretary of State has appointed Jana Bennett, Delroy Beverly, Laela Pakpour-Tabrizi, Jeremy Silver and Wei Yang as Trustees to the British Library Board ...


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