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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New BeerCraft Software Package

PHILADELPHIA — Craft beer brewers now have access to an economical solution designed to streamline quality assurance testing and achieve batch-to-batch ...

The women behind the flying machines: Book tells stories of ISRO’s women scientists  The News Minute

Two and a half years ago, Minnie Vaid was in Mumbai for a women's empowerment summit organised by the Indian Women Network of Confederation of Indian ...

BUKENYA: An encounter with anthropologists  Daily Nation

An encounter with anthropologists as I wait to read Grace Ogot's new novel on Idi Amin.

Are genetic tests useful to predict cancer?  The Guardian

The health secretary's call for tests to be rolled out on NHS was met with controversy.

One of four LGBT people experience hate speech  ScienceNordic

On the internet, in the workplace, on the bus and in the neighbourhood. LGBT people are victims of hate speech much more frequently than the rest of the ...


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