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Everything You Need To Know About INCOIS And Its Contribution To The Weather Forecasting Scene In India  Mashable India

If you're an Indian who regularly likes to read about weather forecasts, you may be familiar with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), a renowned ...

Expert Panel: Humans Really Have Started a New Geological Epoch on Earth  ScienceAlert

In a couple of years, the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) could have an important decision to make. A working group just voted 29 to 4 in favour ...

INCOIS: India's lesser-known rockstar in monitoring oceans, forecasting disasters and monitoring fisheries  Firstpost

A stellar example of the value INCOIS provides can be seen in the impact of forecasts on fish catch & its monetary value.

Record methane levels pose new threat to Paris climate accord  Financial Times

Scientists have sounded the alarm after levels of methane in the atmosphere reached a record high, a development that could cause an unexpected ...

Strange Martian Mineral Deposit Likely From Volcanic Ash  SciTechDaily

Ashfall from ancient volcanic explosions is the likely source of a strange mineral deposit near the landing site for NASA's next Mars rover, a new study finds.


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