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Meet your very, *very* distant solar system neighbor 2018 VG18  SYFY WIRE

Astronomers have discovered the most distant solar system member so far: 2018 VG18.

Vic astronomers' rare fossil universe find  SBS News

Victorian astronomers have helped discover a rare fossil in the universe which gives new information about how the first galaxies in the universe formed.

Planets? Who needs 'em! A massive star is forming a companion instead  Astronomy Magazine

The universe is full of surprises, and a colossal young star has been hiding a stellar one. While observing infant star MM 1a, astronomers found that its massive ...

Despite concerns, space junk continues to clutter Earth orbit  Astronomy Magazine

Humans have a tendency to litter wherever we go. Whether it's the local park, a music festival, or Mt. Everest, we're just not good at cleaning up after ourselves.

Riccardo Giacconi, Nobel laureate known as the father of X-ray astronomy, dies at 87  Washington Post

Riccardo Giacconi, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who was known as the founder of X-ray astronomy, a discipline credited with opening a new window into the ...


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