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Astronomers Have Detected Over 300,000 New Galaxies In A Small Section Of The Northern Sky  The Inquisitr News

Using the LOFAR telescope network, astronomers believe they have found up to 325694 hidden galaxies in the northern sky. Using Europe's Low Frequency ...

Exclusive: New Horizons' mission head on new discoveries at Ultima Th  Astronomy Magazine

New Horizons recently flew by the most distant body ever explored. Alan Stern, who led the mission, discusses what we've learned so far.

Astronomy: March of giants  Longmont Times-Call

As winter surrenders to spring, March night skies offer a showcase of the largest stars yet discovered.

The Sky This Week from February 22 to March 3  Astronomy Magazine

Mercury puts on its best evening show of 2019. In the morning sky, a waning crescent Moon passes Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus.

Astronomers Have Mapped A Rare ‘River Of Stars’ Within The Milky Way That Formed One Billion Years Ago  The Inquisitr News

While most stars in clusters drift away from each other, astronomers have discovered 4000 stars that have stayed together for one billion years, creating a river of ...


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