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Science says you aren't addicted to food — but you might feel like you are. Here's why

SALT LAKE CITY — The theory of food addiction is controversial. Despite what mainstream media or some health gurus may have led you to believe, the ...

Memory helps pluralise identity and create alternative histories  Telegraph India

We need an education of embodied memories that remembers. We cannot be a race living on 'downloaded information'

What Happened to Earth’s Ancient Craters? Scientists Seek Clues on the Moon’s Pocked Surface  The New York Times

The pace of space rocks pummeling Earth and the moon was relatively infrequent, but then doubled or tripled for unknown reasons, a new study finds.

This computer program makes pharma patents airtight  Science Daily

Routes to making life-saving medications and other pharmaceutical compounds are among the most carefully protected trade secrets in global industry. Building ...

Drastic reduction in red meat intake at odds with health guidelines, nutritionist warns

Ditching red meat for plants is tipped as the diet that could save the planet. So why is it at odds with health guidelines?


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