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The Guardian

Brian Aldiss: the pre-eminent science-fiction writer – and always a gentleman
The Guardian
I encountered Brian Aldiss when I was a boy. I liked him as a writer, but even more than I enjoyed his writing, I loved his editorial choices: his influence on Penguin's science fiction through the 1960s was immeasurable, and he introduced me to many ...
British science fiction writer Brian Aldiss dies at 92Fresno Bee

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Educators hope eclipse brings about new interest in science
THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) -- On Monday, 7,000 glasses were passed out to Thomas County Schools staff and students to look up to the skies for the eclipse. One Cross Creek Elementary student said, "I think science is way better than math and all of that ...

Buffalo News

Buffalo Museum of Science exhibit exploring space debuts
Buffalo News
The "Buffalo in Space" exhibit that opens today at the Buffalo Museum of Science offers new ways to learn about outer space – and to have fun doing so. At one work/play station, paper rockets are made and then tested by launching them with air pumps.

Science Magazine

Zebrafish implanted with a cancer patient's tumor could guide cancer treatment
Science Magazine
In four out of five cases, the response of the tumors in the zebrafish avatars correctly predicted whether the patients' tumors would rebound within 3 months to 6 months after surgery, the team reports in the Proceedings of the National Academy of ...

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Popular Science

7 things happening in health and science today that aren't the eclipse
Popular Science
In today's episode of “Science Confirms the Obvious,” people who binge-watch TV tend to sleep worse, have more insomnia symptoms, and more fatigue. This is probably in part because it literally takes away time that you could be sleeping, but it's also ...


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