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Last minute

Scientists get closer to a cure for the common cold  Salon

By disabling a single host protein, scientists were astonished to find mice were made immune to the common cold.

Calgarians invited to be 'scientists for a day' at the Central Library  CTV News

Have you ever wanted to don a lab coat and try your hand at complex experiments? If so, you can do just that on Saturday at the Central Library.

Where Do Black Holes Lead?

So there you are, about to leap into a black hole. What could possibly await should — against all odds — you somehow survive? Where would you end up and ...

EPA's bold step forward: Good for animals and science, better for people | TheHill  The Hill

The recent directive by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it will reduce, and eventually eliminate, animal testing by 2035 is an important, welcome ...

Can science prove that your dog really loves you?

A new book puts the special bond between humans and dogs under the microscope. Hattie Garlick – and Basil the pup – test the latest theories. When did I first ...


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