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Who is responsible for migrants?  The Conversation - US

President Donald Trump tends to portray migrants as a foreign problem that has suddenly – and unfairly – been “dumped” at America's doorstep. Migration “is a ...

Tucker Carlson suggested immigrants make the U.S. 'dirtier' — and it cost Fox News an advertiser  Salt Lake Tribune

In less than three minutes, Tucker Carlson suggested immigrants make the United States "dirtier," contradicted himself on their values and gushed over ...

On Politics: New Details on Russia’s Efforts to Influence American Politics  The New York Times

Two new reports say that Russia's influence operation used Instagram to target African-Americans and limit Democratic voting — and that it's still going on.

US involvement in Central America created border crisis  Jamaica Observer

The current wave of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras has its roots in six decades of US policies carried out by members of both parties.

N4T Investigators: Border Rush  KVOA Tucson News

TUCSON – Since June of this year, the United States Border Patrol has been seeing a surge in large groups of people illegally crossing the border southwest of ...


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