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‘When Harry Met Sally’ Finds Humor in Partnership  Film School Rejects

When Sally first meets Harry, she can't stand him. From the earliest moments of their 18-hour drive from Chicago to New York, the now-classic rom-com couple ...

A Classic Reframed: 'The Three Musketeers' With Diverse Cast Metes Profound Humor  WBUR

The words “Three Musketeers” may conjure up images of three white men with fancy mustaches, outlandish hats with feathers and shiny swords. That's definitely ...

What’s So Funny About Autism?  The New York Times

Some people on the autism spectrum not only get the jokes, they write them.

Kansas police’s ‘humorous’ tweet asking moms to snitch on dads for Father's Day implodes  RT

A Fathers' Day "joke" tweet by the Topeka, Kansas police encouraging mothers to turn in their baby-daddies if they've committed any crimes blew up in the ...

Robert J. Marks: Humor, Ambiguity, and AI  Discovery Institute

From the annals of Stuff Artificial Intelligence Can't Do: Robert J. Marks at Mind Matters notes that they can't do ambiguity: Groucho Marx (1890–1977) used to ...


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