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Foods with similar nutrition content affect the gut differently  Medical News Today

Researchers came up with an innovative approach for comparing foods with similar nutritional labels and found that they affect gut bacteria differently.

Iran at the center of the Eurasian riddle | Article  Asia Times

President Rouhani blasts US leader Donald Trump as 'a serious threat to regional and world stability', offers preferential treatment to SCO companies that invest ...

'Two million' protest against HK extradition law | Article  Asia Times

Estimates differ, but Chief Executive Carrie Lam issues an apology for government handling of the controversial amendment.

Turkey refuses to back down on Cyprus drilling | Article  Asia Times

President says Ankara will ignore request from southern European countries to cease natural gas exploration.

Rescued cats trained to walk on the wild side | Article  Asia Times

Forest workers on patrol found the leopard cats weak and alone and sent them to the rescue center.


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