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Last minute

  1. Trump promises mass deportations of 'millions of illegal aliens' next week  POLITICO
  2. Trump vows mass immigration arrests, removals of ‘millions of illegal aliens’ starting next week  The Washington Post
  3. ICE to remove ‘millions of illegal aliens’ in US, Trump says, scant on details  Fox News
  4. Democrats can turn immigration into a total loser for Donald Trump in 2020 — if they dare  USA TODAY
  5. Thomas Homan: Here’s the truth about sanctuary cities  Fox News
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Air Force landlord falsified records to boost income: documents  Reuters

Reuters shows how a U.S. military landlord falsified maintenance logs, helping it win bonuses as families pleaded for repairs.

  1. McConnell's blockade of House legislation is about to face its toughest test  CNN
  2. McConnell says he'll bring up 'freestanding' bill to address humanitarian crisis at border: 'What's the objection?'  Fox News
  3. Mitch McConnell And The Tobacco Industry: Documents Show Close Ties  NPR
  4. Mitch McConnell is worse than the Grim Reaper  CNN
  5. Bipartisan leaders, Trump administration to huddle on elusive budget deal  Washington Examiner
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  1. US and Russia clash over power grid 'hack attacks'  BBC News
  2. NYT: Cyber warfare between U.S. and Russia escalates as Washington targets power grids  CBS News
  3. Trump says 'Failing New York Times' should be held 'fully accountable' over Russia report | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Trump stands up to Moscow — and the Times still sneers  New York Post
  5. ‘Virtual act of Treason’: The New York Times is blowing Trump’s mind  The Washington Post
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  1. No, Trump is not the most 'mistreated' man in 'history'  Washington Examiner
  2. Donald Trump Slams Fox News Poll, Disputes ’30 Hours’ Title Of ABC Special  Deadline
  3. Trump asks Mulvaney to leave ABC interview for coughing  CNN
  4. Should you leave the room when you cough or sneeze?  BBC News
  5. Trump is afraid he’ll lose reelection, and he’s in a fury over it  The Washington Post
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