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Last minute

Buffalo now has a wireless network just for 'the internet of things'
Niagara Frontier Publications
Buffalo has joined a small yet growing list of cities nationwide to have a wireless network tailored for the so-called internet of things - the tech industry's buzzword for connecting everyday physical objects to the internet. The network - a ...

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Chrissy Teigen Got Real About Overdrinking And The Internet Got Mean
Chrissy Teigen is turning over a new leaf when it comes to drinking, but will the internet let her? The supermodel opened up Monday about the toll booze was taking on her life, explaining her decision to abstain from alcohol for the time being. And ...

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Measuring the Internet for Freedom
Project Syndicate
All of this was uncovered through the use of software called ooniprobe, which is designed to measure networks and detect Internet censorship. Ooniprobe was developed more than five years ago by the Tor-supported Open Observatory of Network ...

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Durham Herald Sun

In many rural communities, Internet desert persists
Durham Herald Sun
Shortly after online dating chat rooms appeared, a cartoon poked fun at the anonymity they afforded. The caption, “On the Internet no one knows you're a dog,” ran below a sketch of a dog at a keyboard. About that time, the world was realizing that if ...


The Great Tech Panic: The Internet Is the Uncanniest Valley
Anxiety is much more than a rookie response to internet-borne humiliation and weakness; sometimes it seems like the animating principle of the entire commercial web. That's part of the reason for our decade-old retreat to apps, where McModern design ...


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