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When you tally up the 25 richest cities in America, California has eight  USA TODAY

The median household income in 2017 was $60336, but in the most thriving U.S. cities, the majority of households earn over 20% more than that.

Housing crisis has Seattle weighing end of single-family homes  NBC News

From Philadelphia to Portland, cities are searching for a path toward housing affordability. Could getting rid of single-family neighborhoods be the answer?

The living air purifiers cities need more of  Modern Diplomacy

Trees also help reduce air pollution. According to the study Tree and forest effects on air quality and human health in the United States, particulate matter.

Violent Prelude May Not Deter Urban Kolkata from Stepping Out to Vote Today  News18

The violent precursor seems to have had no effect on the urban pockets and a few rural areas in West Bengal that are geared up to vote on Sunday.

Laura Misch's Lonely City: “a challenging exploration of urban living”  Varsity Online

Laura Misch's Lonely City mini-album is a challenging exploration of urban living in 2019. The singer, saxophonist and producer's latest release might not be full ...


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