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Bobcat Population Increasing in Iowa
He also said they pose no threat to humans or pets, and only survive on small game like rabbits and mice. "Bobcats are a very secretive animal. I still have not seen a live one in the wild. I've seen plenty of trail camera pictures, I've seen tracks ...

Inside Science News Service

Mouse Sperm Kept in Space Station Produced Healthy Young on Earth
Inside Science News Service
Future space colonists might want to have terrestrial fauna with them, either for work, for food, as pets, or just for aesthetics. Carrying and keeping horses, cows and chickens into space would be too expensive and difficult. Bringing the ability to ...

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The Ticks Are Here: Protect Yourself And Your Pets
The primary culprits for producing infected ticks are rodents and birds such as white-footed mice and American robins. Ticks become infected with disease-causing pathogens when they feed on the blood of these reservoir hosts. White-footed mice are ...
Staying “ticked off” with new information about Lyme diseaseNorth Country Public Radio (blog)
2017: The Worst Tick Season In Years And What It Means For Your DogDogTime
Be alert for the bugs of summerNew Jersey Herald
CDC -Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
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The Canberra Times

Canberra mouse and rat rodentry Blazing Tails' world of breeding
The Canberra Times
Like many small-scale pet breeders, Stephanie Richardson has taken her prized animals to be judged on their coats and temperament at country shows. Unlike cat and dogs breeders, however, casual observers, could be inclined to shriek at her animals, ...

The Boston Globe

Face it: Pets aren't people
The Boston Globe
Indeed, no supporters of animal rights, be they activists or philosophers, have called upon cats to respect the rights of mice. We may love a touching story of a lioness treating an orphaned young monkey like one of her own cubs, but we wouldn't think ...


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