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This Guy Combined Running With Healthier Eating to Lose 100 Pounds

Once 350 pounds, Isaac Martin took control of his diet and started running and cycling daily to lose weight. After one year, Martin achieved a dramatic ...

American Martins Licis Is 2019 World's Strongest Man  Men's Health

The Mountain is no longer the strongest man on the planet after being defeated at the 2019 World Strongest Man event by American Martins Licis.

Barbershop event aims to improve African-American men’s health

African-American men die more often from "preventable" diseases than any other race or gender. The African-American Male Wellness Initiative and its annual ...

How Long Does Oral Sex Last For?  Men's Health

According to new findings by Superdrug Online Doctor, oral sex should last for between 8 and 11 minutes, depending where you live.

Country Music Lovers Are More Sexually Satisfied  Men's Health

A recent survey by ticket website TickPick has found that country music lovers are the most sexually satisfied of the genres, with 66 percent of respondents ...


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