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Five embarrassingly easy ways to fix America's health care mess  New York Post

Earlier this month, presidential candidates presented big ideas for health care. So far, their ideas have been about different ways to finance our broken system, ...

Bernie Sanders Calls for Eliminating Americans’ Medical Debt  The New York Times

On top of his “Medicare for all” proposal, Mr. Sanders's new plan would wipe out an estimated $81 billion in existing medical debt and ignore such debt in credit ...

The Democrats' health care plan is a unicorn unfit for the US  New York Post

Before we start building the corral for our unicorn, we should remember that the government already pays for more than 45 percent of health care in this country.

Five smart ways Trump has improved our health care system  New York Post

Good politics involves consistent, simple messages. Opponents of the Trump administration believe they have found one with health care: sabotage. When new ...

How expanding health savings accounts could cure America's sick health care system  New York Post

Economists of all political stripes agree the tax preference for employer coverage is ailing America. Large health savings accounts are the cure.


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