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The mysterious rise of meat allergies: Tick bites are driving rates up  Daily Mail

It is only in recent years that scientists have identified and acknowledged that tick bites are triggering an allergy to a sugar in the muscles of most animals (but ...

No Vaccine? No Job! Court Affirms Employer’s Ability to Condition Employment Upon Vaccinations  JD Supra

On December 7, 2018, the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals held that an employee who was terminated for refusing to take a rubella vaccine was not ...

Doc: Nose strips and other nighttime congestion aids  The Detroit News

I believe that a person's individual anatomy may be suited to only a particular type of device, or perhaps none at all.

Skin's Immune Profile Bolsters Benefits of Potential Peanut Allergy Patch  MD Magazine

New results showing the positive immune profile of the upper back region of the skin helps the cause of potential new peanut allergy desensitization drug ...

Cough After Eating: Causes and Treatment  Health News Today

It is common to experience cough after eating as it may happen because of various reasons. Coughing occurs when the body is trying to get rid of the irritants in ...


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