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Fingernails Breaking? Here’s How To Soften Them  ZUMI Nigeria

No more getting frustrated because of brittle nails. These are the ways you can harden soft fingernails and stop them from breaking.

Your beauty and wellness guide  India Today

That feeling of 'needing a holiday after a holiday' is very common. That's where a place like Naad Wellness comes as a breath of *fresh* air. One of the newest ...

Vic serial stalker pleads guilty

A serial stalker who targeted nine women with sexually explicit letters and phone calls thought his victims...

15 Facts About 15 Hudson Yards, New York’s Buzziest Residential Skyscraper  Architectural Digest

As the first residential tower of the long-anticipated Hudson Yards development site, 15 Hudson Yards has New Yorkers asking where they can sign their leases.

New beauty salon opens in historic building in Sheboygan Falls (Milwaukee)

A new beauty salon recently opened in a 124-year-old structure in Sheboygan Falls.


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