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Last minute

Don't just blame hospitals and docs for high health spending. Texas keeps dropping the ball  Dallas News

Health care prices are high in Dallas, and utilization is even higher. But don't just blame hospitals, doctors and other providers.Many factors...

Government-run health coverage is bad for Connecticut.  Hartford Courant

A “public option” or buy-in program would create a government-run health coverage program that would destabilize the private insurance market, hurt ...

School employee health care plans become clearer -- and in August, the costs will be set  Yakima Herald-Republic

By early August, school employees will be able to see exactly how much they'll pay per month for health care plans offered through a statewide system being ...

Healthy Spirit Talk returns

Rhonda Logue of Oak Hills will discuss healing from the loss of a loved one, while her husband will explain how to eat yourself healthy.

Greenblatt: PA can pay for health care but prefers to pay terrorists  Israel Hayom

President Trump's Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt lambasted the Palestinian Authority over the weekend, blaming it for ...


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