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The historians of Westeros  University of Miami

Former University of Miami student Elio M. Garcia, Jr. and his wife Linda Antonsson discuss their journey related to the popular HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” ...

Through my eyes: High functioning autism  Medical News Today

'You don't seem autistic' is something that I hear a lot. My name is Jonathan Rowland, and this is my experience of living with autism.

These free mobile video games on Android and iOS can add to Memorial Day weekend fun  USA TODAY

Columnist Marc Saltzman suggests some mobile games you can use to pass the time at home or on a trip this Memorial Day holiday weekend.

15 Best PS3 Games | The Essential PlayStation 3 Titles  Cultured Vultures

It's kinda crazy when you remember how much quality was on the third PlayStation, which is why we're discussing the best PS3 games.

Dead Island 2 Has Not Been Canceled  GameSpot

Dead Island 2 was announced all the way back in 2014, and its development has been anything but smooth. The game was originally announced with Spec ...


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