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Women of the Renewal  National Review

At GIVEN, it's clear we're still being given much — these women are leaders — for healing and nurturing and peace of the world.

Public safety forum in the plans, OPP

Community safety is definitely a concern in downtown Kenora, and the city is working with merchants and the OPP on solutions. "Lots of good concerns from the ...

Water Diplomacy: Creating Spaces for Nile Cooperation  Modern Diplomacy

The Nile River is the longest river on the earth, with eleven nation states sharing it and over 487 million people or about 20% of the African population living in ...

Big ideas for sustaining the Earth  Down To Earth Magazine

Far-reaching change in the global economic system is called for if we are to save our planet.

Arts graduate? The fourth industrial revolution is looking for you  ThePrint

Nearly every technologically advanced country is working out how to fill a skills shortage. It's time they turned to people in non-technical careers.


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