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Local lawmakers push bill aimed at encouraging building more new homes  Palladium-Item

Wayne County's state lawmakers want to see more new housing developments created here, and there's a bill that might help with that.

How Dark Web Communication Works?  TechNadu

When users connect to the Dark Web, they are usually doing so using a *service* such as Tor. The whole point of Tor and other similar technologies is to protect ...

Are there Any Dark Web Social Media?  TechNadu

The last few years have definitely been the age of social media. The web has gone from a place where you go to find information, to a place where you put all ...

What is mewing - and can the technique change your face?  The Week UK

Niche orthodontic practice has become a YouTube craze.

The politics of hate  The Saturday Paper

The Australian white supremacist who allegedly massacred 50 Muslims while they were at Friday prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand has recast the political ...


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