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Peter Dinklage (‘Game of Thrones’) is still the overwhelming Emmy front-runner, but here are two guys who could beat him  Gold Derby

Peter Dinklage is the overwhelming front-runner to win his 4th Emmy for 'Game of Thrones,' but our odds point to 2 potential spoilers.

What game do you want a 'Classic' version of?  PC Gamer

We've already had Minecraft Classic, and World of Warcraft Classic is on the way, with a closed beta currently in progress. There's obviously interest in going ...

BioWare talks SWTOR Companion Issues and Updates before 6.0

BioWare expects to have a fix for the SWTOR companions issues and is promising an additional pass over all companions' roles and balancing for 6.0 ...

Space Colony Sim Oxygen Not Included Delayed Until July  TechRaptor

Klei Entertainment's upcoming space sim Oxygen Not Included has been delayed until July. The game was originally intended to leave Early Access this month.

Gaming nearly ruined my life - how I kicked my addiction  Sky News

James Good once spent 32 hours straight playing a game without eating or leaving his room. Here he tells Sky News his story.


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