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Madhubani: A natural beauty  Deccan Herald

It was as early as 9 in the morning when I reached Ranti village. The sun was beating down mercilessly on the quaint hamlet, and children ran around on the ...

Vermont artist paints cows with a message  Local 22/44 News

MONTPELIER, VT – “In a world where there is so much hate, we wanna throw race and gender all that aside and remind people we are all together in this life ...

Kim West - the artist whose business is inspired by the wildlife near her coastal home  Yorkshire Post

When Kim West left college, she was happy to fly the nest to seek work and new adventures elsewhere. But it took leaving the Saltburn area for her to discover ...

Meet the blind artist inspiring others to paint  Devon Live

"When I retired, I decided I was going to dedicate my life to the cause of success of blind people"

Artist Christine Orr just letting it bee  BarrieToday

Christine Orr holds a painted barn board, bearing the image of a honey bee and the words, Just Bee. It sums up her approach to art, and life: “The spirit of the ...


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