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Hacker Installs Linux On His Tesla Model 3  CleanTechnica

December 13th, 2018 by Kyle Field. Smartphones have changed the way we live life. Along with the new tech, early on, we got an entire subculture of hackers ...

Tesla Drops A New Model 3 Easter Egg, Hints At More On The Way  CleanTechnica

December 13th, 2018 by Kyle Field. A new easter egg has surfaced in the Tesla Model 3 that pulls up a design sketch of the car. The easter egg can be conjured ...

The Last Independent Mobile OS  Motherboard

Alternative mobile operating systems have come and gone over the years, but only Sailfish has survived the iOS and Android duopoly.

How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon  Motherboard

A reflection on my month without Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, plus a how-to guide if you want to quit the biggest companies in tech.

Autonomous Trucks Could Radically Transform U.S. Logistics Within a Decade  Heavy Duty Trucking

A new report from a global logistics think tank predicts that autonomous trucks could cause massive disruption and upheaval by 2027.


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