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China Unicom's big bet on open source  TechRepublic

China Unicom, the leading Chinese telco, is going big on Alluxio, Apache Spark, and other top open source projects.

Debunking the open source sustainability myth  TechRepublic

Open source vendors are draping themselves in the flag of "sustainability" to try to garner support against AWS--it's not working. Here's why open source ...

TWC9: Microsoft Game Stack, Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure DevOps Server 2019, Open Source Calculator and more  Microsoft - Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Christina is doing #TWC9 live from Microsoft Ignite: The Tour Amsterdam, wearing a super retro sweatshirt, and bringing you the latest ...

Microsoft Now Offers Accessibility Insights as Open Source Code  eWeek

Making computers, software and the internet more accessible to users who have physical handicaps is the goal of Microsoft's two Accessibility Insights ...

Open source Windows Calculator app may get some great new features  MSPoweruser

Two weeks ago Microsoft announced that it is open sourcing Windows Calculator app on GitHub under the MIT License. The act has drawn a surprising amount ...


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