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Last minute

Ursuline adds computer science to advanced placement curriculum
Youngstown Vindicator
Ursuline High School added a new class to its Advanced Placement Program for the 2017-18 school year. The new course, computer science principles, will allow students to learn several facets of what Principal Matthew Sammartino calls “the new literacy.”.

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AI2 lists top artificial intelligence systems in its Visual Understanding Challenge
Charades Activity Challenge: Computer vision algorithms looked at videos of people performing everyday activities – for example, drinking coffee, putting on shoes while sitting in a chair, or snuggling with a blanked on a couch while watching something ...

New York Post

Stop making doctors the slaves of computers
New York Post
That's because federal laws and regulations have turned doctors into robotic clerks. Your doctor has to stay glued to the computer screen, clicking boxes, following prompts and posing questions the federal government wants asked, never mind your ...

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Business Insider

Logitech MX Master 2S is one of the best computer mice you can ...
Business Insider
No matter how popular touchscreens have become, the good old fashioned computer mouse is here to stay when it comes to productivity. Few computer mice ...

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Business Insider

People are already replacing their desktop computers with smartglasses
Business Insider
Recently, the most powerful companies in Silicon Valley have shown significant interest in augmented reality, a technology that integrates computer graphics and software into the real world. Eventually, supporters say, when "AR" technology becomes ...

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