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How criminals are using the low-interest credit card scam to steal your identity

It starts with what sounds like a promising phone call: For a one-time fee, you can lower the interest rate on your credit card. But the person on the other end of ...

'They knew everything about me':How latest credit card scam tricks victims

A CBC Marketplace investigation has revealed nearly 3000 Canadians may have had their identities stolen in a new scam. An Ottawa woman explains why she ...

Police: Chicago suspects used gift cards encoded with stolen credit card numbers  The Herald-News

A Chicago man and woman were arrested for using gift cards that were re-encoded with stolen credit card numbers, police said.

Apple, Goldman Sachs to jointly launch credit card paired with iPhone: Report

The card, which will be linked with Apple's Wallet app, will allow users to set spending goals, track rewards, and manage balances.

Frequent flyer credit cards: Why it’s not just miles that matter  Nine

When it comes to frequent flyer credit cards, it's not just miles that matter. High-spending shoppers are reaping big rewards from a growing number of loyalty ...


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