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Demography Is Destiny When It Comes to Automation  Wall Street Journal

Demographic pressures have an impact not just in the use of robots and other automation technologies, but on the actual development of robots, other industrial ...

The Underappreciated Threat of Volcanic Tsunamis  Scientific American

It's been just over two months since Anak Krakatau, the young volcano growing from the ruins of Indonesia's infamous Krakatau, sent a devastating tsunami ...

Gregory Campbell's Blog - Humanity vs. Human Resources  Gamasutra

Humanity vs. Human Resources. Intro While this article focuses on what I understand the definitions to be of 'humanity' and 'human resources' in the context of ...

Is trade with India changing Africa‚Äôs health care landscape?  Brookings Institution

African countries face numerous challenges in health services, from severe shortages of health care professionals to weak leadership and governance to limited ...

Microsoft expands AccountGuard to 12 more countries in Europe  Microsoft

Microsoft's state-of-the-art cybersecurity *service* AccountGuard expands to 12 more European countries to help protect democratic processes from threats.


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