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WATCH: Healthy Dog Euthanized To Be Buried With It's Dead Owner  WTVB News

A Shih Tzu named Emma was put down after the will insisted she be buried with her owner once she passed away.

Frenchie Breathing Problems Run Deeper Than Smushed Faces - D-brief  Discover Magazine

Norwich terriers, bulldogs and French bulldogs have a gene mutation that puts them at risk for serious breathing problems - regardless of smushed faces.

The Central Florida Zoo wants your exotic pets  Orlando Weekly

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens wants your exotic pets, whether you own them legally or not. The zoo's "Pet Amnesty Day" allows Central...

Lessons from Pets On Why You Should Never Say Never

Recently I was hanging out with my folks for Mother's Day. We had nearly the whole crew there - me, my parents, their dachshund Flash Gordon, Malti, and, of.

Humans Domesticated Dogs And Cows. We May Have Also Domesticated Ourselves - The Crux  Discover Magazine

Many of the traits we see in domesticated animals like dogs are also present in humans.


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