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Classes That Stuck | Confessions of a Community College Dean  Inside Higher Ed

Raul Pacheco-Vega started a Twitter convo a few days ago that made its way to Jessica Calarco, and then to me, before John Warner wrote about it. It's too good ...

Trump Aide Battles CNN's Sciutto on the 'Squad' Being Anti-American  NewsBusters

As the media moves into week two of President Trump versus "The Squad," the focus has shifted from Trump's original tweets to "How dare you call The Squad ...

Weight loss among fat-acceptance influencers a fraught topic  Washington Post

Fat-acceptance influencers are on the rise, so what happens to their careers when they lose weight?

Why we can’t ignore the case of Jessica Yaniv

In Canada right now, a group of female workers, at least one of whom is a migrant, are coming under attack. One has already lost her job. The others fear losing ...

Florida's back-to-school sales tax holiday begins next Friday  Orlando Weekly

Parents: You've survived the summer. To reward you, Florida's back-to-school tax holiday is set for Aug. 2-6. That means there will be no sales tax on a variety of ...


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