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Remembering Tim Wainwright, a talented artist who did inspirational work on cancer  The Telegraph

It was with great sadness that I learned, last week, of the death of Tim Wainwright. Tim, who died at the age of 64, was a supremely talented video and ...

Eat well, move well, move often: How to start an ‘upward spiral’ as you age  Centre Daily Times

As we age, intelligent exercise and nutrition is more important than ever. However, we too often see 55-plus crowd succumbing to their aches and pains, leading ...

Don't knock the importance of leisure time  Mother Nature Network

Lumping in necessary life tasks with enjoyable or restful activities is just one way we steal leisure from ourselves. We should stop that.

8 healthy ways to stay awake on a long drive  Mother Nature Network

Road trips are an incredibly fun way to travel; you can stop and start whenever you feel like it, and the scenery always offers something new. They're often a ...

Who needs small talk? Not the Finnish (or me)  Mother Nature Network

When I was single and dating, my friends made fun of me for jumping into deep conversations with guys I just met. I've never been interested in small talk, or its ...


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