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Titan and the Girl child go hand in hand: NE Sridhar, Titan  Economic Times

It is well known that representation of women at workplaces is relatively less as compared to men. The #metoo campaign has also highlighted harassment ...

Identity Work in Grad School | GradHacker  Inside Higher Ed

Acknowledging your blind spots and working on your identity to be a more effective and aware teacher.

In wake of 'fake account' scandal, Wells Fargo must pay $575 million fine to all 50 states  State PIRGs

Wells Fargo is paying for its misdeeds. On Dec. 28, the bank took steps to start making amends for its litany of scandals over the past two years. It will pay a total ...

Which stores make the grade for getting toxic chemicals off the shelves?  State PIRGs

Out of the 40 largest retailers in North America, 19 lack any public policy to address toxic chemicals in the products found on their shelves.

The Golden Arches just raised the bar for responsible antibiotic use in meat production  State PIRGs

McDonald's took a major step toward protecting our life-saving antibiotics. On Dec. 11, McDonald's released a new policy to monitor the use of medically ...


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