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The Week That Will Be  Lawfare

Lawfare's weekly roundup of event announcements and employment opportunities.

Notre Dame and the Two Kinds of Secularism  Patheos

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is iconic for lots of reasons. Modernism began, according to Tom Oden, when the French revolutionaries in 1789 stripped the ...

Tony Hua's Blog - Postmortem: Skirmish Line  Gamasutra

Roughly 3 years in the making, Skirmish Line was a first project, indie success story. Here's what I've learned making my first game, and how new and.

What is your favorite game that you've never played?  Destructoid

In an economy lush with information and scarce in disposable income, I often grow attached to games by observing them rather than playing them. We have ...

Inside The World Of Stay-At-Home Moms Who Blog For Profit  BuzzFeed News

There is a digital shadow-realm of intriguingly bland blogs about motherhood, written by women who aspire to make big money from home. But are their hopes ...


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