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How did two friends build Revolve into a fashion empire? With Instagram influencers, of course  Los Angeles Times

Two young tech co-workers named Michael, who knew absolutely nothing about fashion, unexpectedly found themselves in the rag bin of the dot-com bust at the ...

In Cuba, gamers lament what they see as the end of the island's underground network

In Cuba, young gamers are upset that SNet, Cuba's largest private underground network, is getting absorbed into the state-run Youth Computer Club.

The Shape Of Your Mouth Affects How You Talk and Gets Amplified Across Generations - D-brief  Discover Magazine

The shape of the mouth may influence the evolution of language.

How the National Library preserves New Zealand's digital heritage

The National Library crawls the web looking for cultural gems to preserve. But social media posts are a legal nightmare.

We Need an International Center for Climate Modeling  Scientific American

Earth's climate is changing, and we must decide what to do about it. Existing climate models all predict further warming, but for all we currently know, this trend ...


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