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Trump’s stance on national monuments is straight out of the 19th century  Los Angeles Times

With the shrinking of Bears Ears and other national monuments, the Trump administration is reviving strategies of settlement and conquest.

Students urged to share Nebraska history through film  North Platte Telegraph

A Mullen teacher is trying to get more Nebraska student involved with the American History Film Project.

Hopinka Delivers Lecture on Activist Filmmaking  Wesleyan Argus

On Monday, Feb. 18, experimental filmmaker Sky Hopinka came to the University to give a talk on his work as a contemporary artist. The event was hosted by the ...

McLeod '19's Photo Exhibit Captures a Contentious National Monument  Wesleyan Argus

Combining deft landscape photography and a deceptively complex subject, a recent photo exhibit on the Bears Ears National Monument, which went up this ...

The economic effects of a tragedy  Bend Bulletin

Eight years ago, an economist produced a new theory that international trade played a major role in an American tragedy: the immense killing in the late 19th ...


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