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Rediscovered classics: the best books based on myths  The Guardian

“Tell all the truth but tell it slant,” wrote Emily Dickinson. One way to get an oblique angle on today's truth is to frame it with a narrative borrowed from ancient ...

‘My book is not an apocalyptic book at all. I guess I’m leaving hope as a possibility’: Amitav Ghosh

On the afternoon of March 17, 1978, Amitav Ghosh, then a part-time journalist and a student at Delhi University, witnessed an event so unlikely that it defied all ...

Let me count the ways  The Indian Express

Girish Karnad's phenomenal creativity was fuelled by the fact that he tapped into several different linguistic traditions, contexts and resonances.

Shanghai Film Review: ‘My Dear Friend’  Variety

A slippery, scintillating debut in which ancient myths and motifs combine seamlessly with the prosaic reality of rural Chinese life.

When is St Swithin’s Day 2019, how did the rain proverb develop and what’s this year’s forecast?

Given the UK's obsession with the weather, it was perhaps inevitable that a weirdly elaborate web of folklore would develop around our reading of the ...


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