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This year in Stockholm  The Hindu

Earlier this month when the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm announced that there would be two prizes of literature announced this year, the surprise was not ...

Poetry on postbox: #Sticklit  The Hindu

Sticklit aims to be the world's largest repository of art and literature in public spaces.

CBSE class 10 English exam: ‘Application-based’ literature section confused many  The Indian Express

CBSE class 10 English exam garnered mixed reactions. In an otherwise easy exam, literature section left many confused with 'application-based' questions.

Getting Your Literature in Bite-Size Morsels - March 23, 2019  OZY

A paragraph can hook someone on a narrative, and that's how Hooked's story begins. Relaying tales in text-message format, the app has reached 100 million...

Memoirs: Literary works, business ventures or mere self glorification  Standard Digital

Why the upsurge of 'self-writing' genre reveals our fixation with narcissistic pleasures.


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