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Sizing Up The Digital Prize  Forbes

Digitalization is seen as the way forward for the energy industry. Advances in cloud computing, predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence ...

Parental Control: A growing necessity in today's digital age

The World Wide Web has been a home to many wonders and breakthroughs throughout the years. Nowadays, it continues to develop as a venue for endless ...

5 digital trends that are going to change how SMEs work  Economic Times

These trends include more businesses to move online, chatbots becoming crucial, businesses adjusting to millennials, social media to be the king for SMBs and ...

Forget to take your medication? A new digital pill will alert you — and your doctor  Omaha World-Herald

Now when she forgets, she gets an alert on her iPhone that says, "We have not received data from your 8 a.m. dose," which she finds extremely useful.

Who will own your digital soul?

The first time I texted James Dunn I was, frankly, a little nervous.


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